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 bipolar and adhd

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little woof
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Posted - 08/18/2007 :  22:47:49  Show Profile
I have been living with bipolar for well over 20 yrs although I was not offically diagnosised untilabout 13 yrs ago. At that time the treadmill began. the usual medications, litium, elavil, and so forth. As the new ones came out, poof, I was on them immediately. All this did for me was make me injcredibily sucidal. I have now been diagnosised with adhd also. Yee Haw!!!!! But at least I have a dr. who understands that I simply cannot take anti-depressioon meds. This is all leading up to a really horrible point. I get the migraines that frequeantly accompany both illnesses and I have gotten the headaches since I was a teen. Unfortunately, the only thing that works is narcotics. You see where this is going right???
I need some help big time on some alternatives. I am currently so depressed I do thinnk constantly about maybe today will be the lucky day and I won't wake up. My dr. is constantly amazed that I keep getting new jobs. I last 6-9 months on a job and then I definately mess it up to the point that I have to leave.

This is soudnding more and more like poor me, but really I just would like some ideas.
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Posted - 08/19/2007 :  11:18:01  Show Profile
little woof,
Have you ever tried a naturopath for some natural alternatives? they could at the very least help with the headaches and maybe with other syptoms, too. Much of the time I have more luck with my naturopath that with my medical doctor.


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Posted - 05/28/2011 :  10:00:02  Show Profile
ask your doc about lamotrigine [lamictal] this could possibly illiminate the headaches and improve your mood

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