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 Are We Alone In The Universe?
 Highly Unlikely

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Posted - 10/21/2015 :  06:15:01  Show Profile
Not going to take the "aliens do, or don't exist" point of view with this one... just common sense...

* Our Universe is 14.72 billion years old
* Our Earth is 4.5 billion years old
* Life on our planet is about 4 billion years old
* Complex life is about 2 billion years old
* Land animals evolved around 600 million years ago
* And apes evolved into modern man about 5 million years ago

We can see fully formed galaxies all the way to the edge of our viewing distance at 14.72 billion lights years away... Don't forget, that galaxy, from our point of view, is the way it looked 14.72 billion years ago... We have NO WAY of knowing what it looks like now. There are galaxies which are twice as old as ours, and planets which are three times older...

The universe is most likely thriving with life... given the number of galaxies, systems, and planets.. it's most likely thriving with life. The longest living organisms on our planet are sponges at around 700 million years.. Sharks are about 120 million years old. We've been here for about 5 million, and might have another 5 million before something happens that causes our extinction.

Even giving us a 10 million year life span... My point is that within that galaxy 4.72 billion years away... millions of species could have evolved and gone extinct on just one of it's planets in the time it took for the light of the galaxy to get to earth so that we could see it.

Even our own Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 light years across... That means when an astronomer looks at a solar system on the other side of our galaxy, he's actually looking at it (as it was) 100,000 years ago.

Sure, it's not "proof" that complex, intelligent life exists on other planets... but those who deny it wholly, in my experience, do so with a religious connotation, and have some need to feel like our planet (let alone species) is universally special in some way.
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