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 I had $14,000 of identity theft today

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Posted - 12/20/2006 :  19:41:27  Show Profile  Visit Administrator's Homepage
Dear Members,

Today I looked at my Master Card statement and found that someone had charged $14,000 to my card (3,000 miles away). I immediately notified Master Card and they voided the fraudulent charges (and will investigate the theft).

The person who charged $14,000 to my credit card had used this money to purchase pornography, alcohol, and hotel rooms. Somehow, he spent all this money in just one month. Master Card said this kind of identity theft is "much more common than you think".


  • Never publicly post your email or real address, phone number, or other personal identifying information on the internet.

  • Try never to let your credit card leave your sight.

  • Always use a firewall and security (antivirus etc.) software to protect yourself when on the internet. However, I used all these precautions and still had this serious identity theft.
My identity theft coincidently happened immediately after I ordered a computer over the internet (from the same city that my card was later fraudulently used). I have no way of determining whether these two events are related. I have ordered a number of computers previously over the internet from this same firm and nothing like this previously happened.


Master Card was very understanding and immediately corrected the fraudulent charges on my bill. It helped that I was a physician and could prove that I was working in a city 3,000 miles away from where my credit card was criminally being used.

Phil Long M.D.

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Posted - 12/20/2006 :  20:23:12  Show Profile
WOW,im sorry to hear this.i am glad to hear that the credit card company has taken care of you and did it so can wreck someones credit real shocked at how many people still give out there info over the net,emails,credit cards,address and home phone #s..a good friend of mine has had in happen to him a few months ago and is still trying to recover from it.its not easy to do,but if you think for a minute you have been a victom of any scam or fraud call the credit card company and tell them ..even if your not 100% sure..again,i am sorry to hear it but glad it was fixed and you can enjoy your holiday season.
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Posted - 12/21/2006 :  12:31:40  Show Profile
Hi Dr.Long. This happened to my mom also. Someone got her Visa card number and made a whole bunch of purchases on it. They, too, were in another city. Visa called my mom and asked her if she purchased this thing and my mom said that she didn't. The credit card companies are really good now as they know how much fraud is happening to a lot of innocent people. If they see anything out of the ordinary, they'll give you a call. There's so much of this going on nowadays. Love, Cindy
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Posted - 12/23/2006 :  05:23:44  Show Profile
Dr Long this is terrible.

I'm sorry this had to happen but the good things is, because it does happen so often, banks are more likely to compensate. I'm glad yours did.

Something like this happened to me a couple of years ago. Someone sneaked a peek at my pin number and broke in.

Of course, the joke was on them.. I probably had no more than twenty bucks in that account at any given time.

Wow. This is a problem. There have been four posts on this thread and three of four have suffered some kind of id theft. That's 75%!!!!! And the one who did not knows of someone who did.

What a world..

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Posted - 10/15/2007 :  16:58:00  Show Profile  Visit davidhamster's Homepage
Sorry to hear about that. I had a very similar thing happen to me 2 years ago. A great way to avoid this type of situation, check out:

Couple good articles about this company too:

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Posted - 12/28/2009 :  11:53:06  Show Profile
The time my wife and I spent cleaning up our credit history was insane and now we’re always on guard. This is just a nightmare. Coincidentally, I just finished reading a fascinating novel called “The American Nightmare” by Greg Gammer and the main plot was about a guy who had his identity swapped with a wanted criminal. What’s scary is the story makes perfect sense and it could really happen. I just hope someone does something to prevent it. It could happen to anyone.
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