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 Severe Mental Illness I (Lecture + Discussion)
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Posted - 05/06/2007 :  15:46:26  Show Profile  Visit Administrator's Homepage
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Posted - 05/06/2007 :  21:39:30  Show Profile  Visit Administrator's Homepage
I would welcome your comments concerning this slide.
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Posted - 05/15/2007 :  17:43:24  Show Profile
It not surprising people with MI use drugs. Many people don't know they are ill, thru lack of awareness as in education or thru denial In lack of education I mean in schools physical education and fitness is taught, but I cannot remember having one lesson on mental health. I think mental illnesses should be taught inside biology class because there is such ignorance about it. Speaking of denial I mean socially mental illness is stigmatized in all areas of life. When I used to work in a big factory I took some days off for feeling depressed, I got into a lot of trouble, but when I took days off and said I was out drinking and had a monster hangover, I didn't. Being unfit by being drunk was more acceptable than being depressed. Many in society see mental illness as some sort of malingering or laziness or weakness. The other part of denial is that by taking the pills one confirms that one is crazy and that when one feels better its like thank God I am clear of that and you want to believe it will not happen again. I think the key to this whole problem is to educate and de-stigmatize.
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Posted - 06/21/2007 :  23:06:14  Show Profile  Visit CompassionateVegan's Homepage
I survived on alcohol and illicit drugs for most of my life starting at age 11 and finally, when diagnosed with depression and taking prescribed medication,I rid myself of the drugs and booze. I say I survived because I had to have something to take me away from my feelings of hurt, pain, abuse...on and on.
Yes, alcohol and drugs robbed me of too many years but then again, they possibly sustained my life until I found professional help.

Ethically Vegan ~ For the Animals and Our Earth
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Posted - 06/22/2007 :  02:45:14  Show Profile
Hi CV, i love animals too.

Love the point you made about drugs sustaining you until you reached a point where you could get professional. I read a book The Mind Gym before and it tells you how your bad habits were important to get you through a tough time at one point during your life so in that way they did help you but they may not always be helpful. I think what you said was really insightful and i'm glad you've reached a point where you can get help that doesn't harm you too.

All the best

From Freestar
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Posted - 02/05/2008 :  21:55:33  Show Profile
When the voices got really bad 5 years ago is when I will start to do some heavy drinking. I rarely drank before that. I would drink a couple drinks of rum, gin and vodka all on the same day. I was a beer drinker for four years in college. I have now only drank two wine coolers in three years but have started thinking of drinking again.
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